Here are just a few kind words from some of Grandpaws’ current and former clients:


–“…Very professional and has great knowledge of dogs and their behaviors. Mr. Brooks is very personable and trustworthy and I would recommend him for training without hesitation” – Rachel Diamond


–“…A hero for dogs and humans. When I got Bono, my supposed American Bulldog, from Craigslist, I realized that I didn’t know as much about dogs as I thought I did. He ate everything from books to my iPad. A friend of mine recommended James to me. I called him as a last effort before I tried to find Bono a new owner. What a difference in just ONE session. James retrained me. James is brilliant at training. He is brilliant at teaching owners and teacher their pets. Bono owes him easy life to James” –Amber and Bono Roldan


–“We have always considered ourselves competent “parents” for these special members of our family. We realized recently that we needed help with some personality issues we allowed to form in our Springer Spaniels ages 10 and 2. From the moment James walked into our home, he took charge of the situation. Over the next several weeks, he taught us how to establish ourselves as “Alpha Leader” and we noticed remarkable changes beginning with that first visit. On a scale from 1-10, we give Grandpaw’s a 100. James Brooks is a true “dog whisperer”. We recommend Grandpaw’s to anyone wanting to make their dog a valuable member of the family. With gratitude James, for all you did for us and the girls.” –Gary and Judy Compton


–“It has been our great pleasure to know James Brooks and we whole heartedly vouch for his personal character and work ethic. We have known James for more than 7 years after moving to Clayton and needing a dog trainer. We quickly became friends and have been in constant contact on a weekly basis. He has proven over the years to be a hardworking and trustworthy person in caring for our dogs and can always be counted on to be professional in his business dealings with us as well as being a valued friend.” –Peter and Judi Thompson


–“James did something for me that I thought was impossible! He actually turned two female dogs that were enemies into friends. If I hadn’t seen it happen with my own eyes, then I would have NEVER believed it. No kidding! It took James two and two dogs on leashes less than 30 minutes in the backyard. James is a lifesaver and I can never thank him enough for the freedom he gave to us. Thank for James from the bottom of our hearts.” –Heather Darcy

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